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F E A T U R E D  E V E N T


| Sunday · December 31 |

Take your Sao Paulo New Year’s Eve celebration to the next level by celebrating your New Year’s Eve night with us.

New Year’s Eve Party starting at 21pm.


– Open Bar Premium
– Buffet Stations

Restaurant: +55 1194923-1137 / Nightclub: +55 1193803-1995 (WhatsApp)

DJs & Artists | Edu Alves & Eduardo Barbeiro

Hours | 21:00 H – 6:00 H

Ticket | From R$ 500 (Men) & R$ 300 (Women)

VIP Table | From 3000 R$

Door Policy | Dress Code: Chic / Age: +18



Sutton World Tour has been offering parties at the best international nightclubs for several years.

In many locations, such as New York, London, Dubai, Stockholm, Cannes, Munich or Copenhagen have hosted us and have enjoyed the best party of Barcelona.

If you wish to have more information, please send a message to worldtour@thesuttonclub.com.

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